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Hana Holistics & Chiropractic

Vitality and Healing for the Body and Soul

Back Massage
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'HANA'  means One, Hope, Flower, Shine, Glow, Give Out Love, Radiance. Our goal is to provide services that restore you to experience Vitality and Healing for the Body and Soul. 

Dr. McKey’s vision at Hana Holistics & Chiropractic is that the person’s entire being is a whole, not a separate being. Her vision of the complete health of the person’s entire being governs the way she assesses and addresses each person’s needs. Her passion today, as a result of her experiences in restoring her own health, is to help others achieve a more holistic approach in caring for their health and restore their body’s innate ability to heal and function by incorporating the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic and eastern medicine for the body as well as for the mind and soul. After all, the person is one being, not separate parts, and should be addressed as such.


Address nervous system interference that could be caused by restrictions in the musculoskeletal system. Please click here to find out more!


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. Our bodies are electrical - our cells carry voltage. This therapy is used in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustment to restore a healthy electrical balance in the body. 


Invigorate blood circulation to the deep tissues and fascia for improved flexibility and function.

Tran Nguyen is a Licensed Therapist who specializes in Family and Marriage counseling and has extensive experience in seeing individuals, couples, and families. 


Center Location 

4341 Lindbergh Drive

Suite 200G

Addison, TX 75001

Tel: 469 - 659 - 7828

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